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Honest work and fair play

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What we offer

Galston Public School believes in and is committed to creating a learning culture that provides high quality educational opportunities in order for every child to fulfil their potential and become a life-long learner. 

We place children at the centre of our decision-making and, with our families, guide our students towards a future that will see them enjoy life as confident, independent and resilient members of the community.

Our high quality education offers:

Individualised and small group learning

  • All students K-2 are engaged in InitiaLit for 2 hours a day, five days a week. Our structures allow us to have groupings of 10 to 15 students during these sessions.
  • All students K-6 are also engaged in ability-based literacy and maths groups on a daily basis. These groups are formed using a data-driven approach and supported by our Instructional Leaders.
  • Identified students in Year 1-6 also receive MiniLit and MacqLit instruction 4 times a week for an hour at a time. This targeted literacy intervention in small groups of 4-6 ensures our students are receiving strong instruction at their point of need.
  • At Galston Public School, each child’s individual needs are known and catered for using a team approach. This includes students who require extra support through to those requiring extension and enrichment in their learning. 

Technology to engage our students

  • With interactive whiteboards in every classroom, and wireless access, iPads and laptops in all learning spaces, we are well equipped for students and teachers to integrate technology into all key learning areas. Teachers continually develop their skills to provide opportunities for students to use technology in relevant and engaging ways to enhance future-focused learning skills.
  • Our school has a strong focus on STEM and problem-based learning, with all students K-6 engaging in Science and Technology lessons with a specialist teacher on a weekly basis.

Data-driven practice to ensure student engagement

  • All staff are involved in 5-weekly collaborative data talks. These sessions provide our teachers structured time to engage with our student data in the areas of attendance, literacy and numeracy.
  • Student groupings, supports and extension are planned for during these sessions, then implemented over the next five weeks by classroom teachers and Assistant Principal Instructional Leaders.
  • At Galston Public School, we systematically plan to ensure that EVERY child is known, valued and cared for.

Physical activity and sports programs

  • Research consistently links high levels of physical fitness with overall wellbeing in children and young people.
  • At Galston Public School, our students are engaged in daily fitness, PSSA sports, brain breaks and thinking while moving activities linking maths and English to physical activity. We also engage in i play, sports clinics and fundamental movement skills lessons. Our students participate in swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals, and have a range of opportunities to engage in representative teams at a zone and regional level.

Holistic wellbeing programs

  • Galston Public School has a proud history of combining a caring atmosphere and strong sense of community with its emphasis on providing quality learning opportunities. Our enthusiastic teachers encourage students to strive to do well academically, emotionally, socially and in creative and sporting endeavours. 
  • We believe that education is about the whole child, not just the development of literacy and maths skills.
  • Our students are engaged in regular learning opportunities around the four themes of belonging, safety, choices/challenges and growth/change. This is delivered through our Personal Development and Health programs in all classes K-6.
  • We also regularly engage our students in specific wellbeing days focusing on themes such as anti-bullying, R U OK? Day and Harmony Day. 

Positive student behaviour expectations

  • Galston Public School has strong Positive Behaviour for Learning procedures and guidelines. Our students work toward regular recognition and rewards for demonstrating our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best. We also have very clear expectations for positive behaviour both in the classroom and playground.
  • Our teaching, administrative and executive staff work with our families to ensure these expectations are upheld by students at our school.  

Outstanding results


Galston Public School is extremely well-supported through collaborative, productive relationships with parents and the wider community. As a parent of a child at our school, we welcome you to become involved in some of the various roles that parents fill. This may include participating in the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C), canteen duty, helping in the classroom, accompanying excursions or sporting trips, attending working bees or supporting fundraisers. Your support will continue strong traditions established over many years.

Together we strive to support our students to uphold our school values of ‘Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best’ and our school motto, ‘Honest Work and Fair Play’.